This is just a place where I'll list the books that I've read in a table. I might put little comments on or something.

Book Author Finished Medium Comments
The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian Robert E. Howard 2022-07-12 Paper Well, this one took forever, not least because I lost it while moving. I'll just get it out of the way: I fucking love Conan and all sorts of pulp adventure stuff. The stories varied in quality but so many of them were just fantastic. These printings also include a lot of goodies like drafts, maps he drew, some commentaries, etc. It's not like anyone isn't aware of it by this point, but my only serious reservation is that R.E.H. had some views on race. Stygians (dark-skinned African stand-ins,) are inherently evil and superstitious, the fall of great kingdoms is a product of decadence and "race-mixing", that sort of thing. It's rarely present as an enormous plot point but it is a nasty reminder every so often.
Haunted Watauga County, North Carolina Tim Bullard 2022-07-12 Paper My attention's been a bit split lately; The Iliad's been slow reading. I picked this book up a while ago, no matter where you go there's always one in a drug store and they're normally harmless, just collections of stories. This one is fucking unhinged and I have no clue how to even tackle it. You'll get a title like "The Ghost Pilot" and it'll start with "Oh if you go on this mountain sometimes you'll hear a plane" and then it totally goes off the rails into 3 pages of rambling about how the ghost used to know the author and how this one time they both stood by a smoking farmer as he talked about his daughter being in a cult. One isn't even a ghost story, it's literally just the author's thoughts on the topic of suicide. Most of the stories are like this. I'm not sure whether it's intentional, meant to evoke a quiet night with an elderly relative whose mind has been slipping telling stories before they doze off or if it's just bad writing, but it's kind of fascinating.
The Song of Achilles Madeline Miller 2022-06-27 Paper I quite liked it. Strange that I'd be into a fantasy story with this setting. It's fan fiction of The Iliad, not tied completely to the poembut it tells a good story. It also got me to check out a copy of The Iliad itself, which I haven't read since middle school or so, I think.
Memorial: A Version Of Homer's Iliad Alice Oswald 2022-06-14 Paper Well, I lost the Conan book in the shuffle of the move. Oops. Memorial was inconsistent. The premise is intriguing: a list of hundreds of names, then poetry not of the narrative of the Iliad but of their deaths. Mostly. At its best (Pedaeus,) it effortlessly achieves what it intends to be: a translation of the feeling of hearing the poem on a starlit night from an orator underlit by fire and driven half-mad by the stories swirling in his head. There are many more whose fates are reduced to their name. No tales, just "And LAOGONUS." Many of the poems are followed by similes, which I got the impression was a borrowed practice, but so many of them feel utterly disconnected to the man being memorialized. I haven't read the source material in the better part of 2 decades so maybe they would make more sense were it fresh, but it was odd to read. She also had a tendency to bring in modern features, a simile described being "caught in headlights", another used a lift door in a way neither I nor my partner could make any sense of even in context, both ripped me immediately away from any atmosphere I had built.
Every Word You Never Said Jordan Greene 2022-05-25 Paper Picked this up from the author at an arts sale, since he was local. I'm not really in a position to evaluate romance books, since this is the first I ever read, but I really felt for the main couple and they were absolutely adorable. I'd definitely pick up more of his if I ran into them.
The Silver Pigs Lindsey Davis 2022-05-15 Paper Bit of a gap, I think there may be a missing book in there but mostly I've been reading a Conan anthology. It's a bit hard to judge this one since I've never really read a detective novel before, but the little details (which I'm not qualified to verify, but an ex-archaeologist friend recommended the Falco series so surely it can't be that bad,) of living in the Roman Empire were fantastic. The book felt a bit longer than its length, but not necessarily in a bad way. I had a good time, and I get the feeling the author went up from here; I snagged the sequel the same time I bought this one.
Going Postal Terry Pratchett 2022-03-25 Paper That was a bit of a pick-me-up after the last one. I'm inclined to agree that it's one of the best Discworld novels. Pratchett just had a great knack for writing books that feel like an old blanket even if you didn't grow up with him; I didn't pick up a Discworld book until I was in university, this book had almost no characters I know well, and it still drew me in without a second thought.
All Quiet On The Western Front Erich Marie Remarque 2022-03-11 Paper Fuck. This one doesn't get comments. It's a stunning depiction of the horror and the helplessness of war. Don't read this one if you're already down.
Neuromancer William Goldman 2022-03-09 Paper The fact that this was written in the 1980's blows my mind in both good and bad ways. It's fantastic and hardly shows its age at all (only in that telephones sometimes make an appearance really.) Much of the time foundational works in a genre will be lost on you precisely because they were so huge and influential, but hat's not the case here. The sad part is that every other piece of cyberpunk literature I've read feels so derivative of Neuromancer that I get the impression that the genre's hardly grown in 40 years.
The Princess Bride William Goldman 2021-12-22 Paper You already know the story, almost certainly. Every bit as good as the movie, if not better. The metanarrative is way more fun than in the movie and (although it's been a few years since I've watched,) it fleshed out the backstories and little details of the narrative in ways that I thought elevated the whole thing. If you read current printings you also get a "teaser" of the next book that Goldman would've abridged if Stephen King hadn't stolen the rights from him.
'Salem's Lot Stephen King N/A Paper What I read was fine, but I didn't finish it on the first borrow. I hadn't read it at all after 2 weeks of renewal, so I brought it back to the library. Just didn't grab me.
Night Of The Mannequins Stephen Graham Jones 2021-11-06 Paper Pretty creepy, left a bad taste in my mouth because at the end the author makes it really clear that he thinks you're a 1st grader by creating an enormous story contrivance to explain something a child could pick up on.
Coraline Neil Gaiman 2021-11-05 Paper Coraline finally went through on Halloween Week. I'd seen the movie before, but never the book. It felt like it went by incredibly quickly, though it never really felt rushed so much as efficient. Not too scary, definitely creepier than the movie though.
The Taking of Jake Livingstone Ryan Douglass 2021-10-15 Paper I got tired of waiting on Coraline's loan to go through and read this in the span of a day. It was good, the horror parts had a good feeling of dread to them. It's also a YA novel, so just be prepared for all the trappings that come with that. I don't normally do the content warning thing on here (I mean it's implied with Clive Barker really,) but a significant portion of the book is dedicated to being the fictional diary of a school shooter, so fair warning about that.
The Scarlet Gospels Clive Barker 2021-10-09 Paper This one was a good time. Awful gore and depravity in all the detail you could want, fun story with a solid mythos to it, largely good characters. Literally my only complaint (though not a small one) is that Barker literally introduced a trans character just to be shitty. Like, introduced (I don't think she appeared in any of the previous books) as a healer, she tries to kill the main character. The main character tells her off, her old friends turn on her, some misgendering is done. We later learn she was decapitated in a throwaway line several chapters later. At least that was all out of the way early on.
Good Omens Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman 2021-10-03 Paper I'm not even going to bother. It's a Terry Pratchett book. I could probably say as much for Gaiman but it's the first book of his I've read.
Occult Features of Anarchism: With Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the Peoples Erica Lagalisse 2021-09-10 Paper Disappointing is the word for this one. If you're into the aesthetics of questionable undergrad theses you might be into it. The author compulsively self-cites, has footnotes which regularly span from a quarter to a third of the page, and never really delved into the history with any satisfying depth, largely things like "Oh, the circled A. That's a plumb and square. Like the freemasons" and leaving it at that.
The Guns of the South Harry Turtledove 2021-08-24 Paper South African nazis go back in time to ensure the Confederacy wins the civil war so that it can ally with Germany during WWII, making it politically viable for the Afrikaners to do so as well. Well written but it really could've used some camp. Its....questionable historical basis bothers a modern reader but I can somewhat forgive that since Lost Cause historiography was (I think?) still the mainstream when the book was written. Probably could've done without the spelled out minstrel show accents for black characters too. I'd hardly give it a glowing recommendation.
Working Class History: Everyday Acts of Resistance and Rebellion Working Class History 2021-08-22 Paper Another history book, presenting important events in the history of the working class in a calendar format, 2 events per day for a whole year. Neat, light read. Enormous bibliography (it's the size of a chapter in its own right.)
1491 Charles C Mann 2021-06-02 Kobo A one-step-above-pop-history book with a broad view over the history of the western hemisphere, especially focusing on how developed the Americas actually were before Europe fucked it up.

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