This is where the computers go.

A section for my computers and computing-related links. I'll start with the links.

Computing Related Links

My Computers

At the moment, I have four personal computers, a couple of computing devices, and a few game consoles.

Primary Laptop

My main laptop since late 2018 has been an i5 Thinkpad T480.

Thinkpad T480

It's worked damn well since I got it. It's had a few upgrades over the years and it's going great.

OpenBSD and Slackware 15i5, 4 hyperthreaded cores36GB DDR41TB SATA SSDIntegrated
I mostly run OpenBSD. Ubuntu is just for when I need DRM or something else tricky on OpenBSD.
I accidentally wiped my laptop, it's running Slackware now but it'll get dual booted with mostly-OpenBSD eventually. Finally got around to installing OpenBSD, back to that as my main with weekly boots into Slackware when I need DRM'd bullshit.

Travel Laptop

I was able to get my hands on a Pinebook Pro last year. It has stunning battery life (on the order of 7 hours) but driver support isn't quite there. Additionally, its power control chip is defective. You can plug it into the laptop, set it aside all day, and come back to it on a still-empty battery. You can unplug it on a full battery, shut it off, turn it on a week later, and the battery is dead, etc.

Pinebook Pro

Like I said, it has good battery life but its power chip is awful. Its memory is a bit tight for web-centric stuff (4 GB). It's useful as a low-distraction device.

ManjaroRockchip ARM BIG.little4GB integrated64GB eMMCSoC Mali
Manjaro is basically the only useful distro from a driver perspective, unfortunately. Its battery life makes it good for traveling, but otherwise it's not as nice as the D400. Update: I've come around on the pinebook, having used it a bit more recently. It's handled everyday use cases much better now that drivers have come more up to speed. It'd be nice to run something other than Manjaro, but presumably that'll come in time. The battery-draining-when-off problem seems to have fixed itself as well.

Retro Laptop

My Thinkpad T41

IBM Thinkpad T41 on a desk.

A pretty sweet old computer. Nice keyboard, screen looks okay if a bit dim, the memory's a real luxury after the D400. IBM Thinkpad T41

Windows 2000Intel Centrino (?)512 MB120 GB HDDIntel Integrated / Mobility Radeon

Retro Laptop

The D400 used in the Old Computer Challenge
Update: the D400 died earlier this year.

Dell Latitude D400

Just look at the Old Computer Challenge page.

Slackware 14.2Intel Centrino (P2)128 MB30GB HDDIntel Integrated


My desktop, mosty for gaming.

Slackware 15AMD Ryzen 3600X(?)32 GB DDR42TB SATA SSDAMD R9 380


Beyond what's listed, I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 for a home server and various old (and new-ish) game consoles, not of much interest.

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