Welcome to my secret place! This is honestly just a collection of web sites I like. In order to qualify for the list, a web site must match the following criteria: Aside from that, anything goes. Just because of my interest it'll probably lean towards stem-oriented stuff. Don't know what a web directory is? Click here


Until I have enough links that I feel the need to start breaking them up hierarchically, I'm going to be using this format: The title, which will be a link to the site, then a colon, then a description written by me, then some keywords I put in parentheses. For example: Example: description & recommended pages (keywords, which, seem, sensible) They're going to be formatted based on when I added them with the most recent content at the top. I'll also separate batches of content by a line break. I've included cw tags where I consider them appropriate, which are prefixed with 'cw:'.

The List

Honorable mentions

Sites I think are or used to be worth listing, but now fail to meet one or more criteria.


Do you know this site? Sites which sound interesting but someone is unable to remember which I'd like to add to the list.


Have a site you think is interesting which may merit inclusion? Email it to me at t_e-k_k . t_o_n-i_c (a) aol.com . Remove the underscores, hyphens, spaces, and replace that a with an at. Find some questionable stuff on one of the sites I link? Let me know and I’ll either add some CWs to its tags or take it down.

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